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The step by step routine to seeing a change in your photos!

Wanna feel super excited and happy about all the progress you are making with photography?!

And NOT overwhelm, fear, doubt or comparison❌

I love photography. It makes me smile .

BUT… I didn’t always love it all the time.

In the beginning my love for photography was often shaded with doubt, fear, and overwhelm.

❌I compared a lot.

❌I was hard on myself.

❌I didn’t know if I could ever reach the “level” that I saw so many other photographers at.

Do you ever feel that way?

I think it must be a process that a lot of us creative people go through. But what I’ve learned is this:

if you focus on the reasons why you love doing what you do instead of focusing in on all that negative emotion, you’ll reach your goals much quicker, you’ll enjoy the process a lot more, you’ll feel pride, joy, and happiness around your hobby (or business).

Wanna see that growth in your work faster? Here is a step by step routine to make it happen:

1. Practice shooting everyday. 

This could even be with your phone. Don’t always feel the need to pull out the “big” camera. Pull out what’s always in your pocket and work on things like:




*Creative Angles



*Shading or highlights

​All of those things you can practice even using a camera phone!

2. DON’T try to be “consistent” with your editing.

(Yup, I said it) In the beginning your editing should NOT always be consistent because you should be trying a lot of different styles, playing around with different techniques and finding what style fits best with YOU!

(Eventually, your editing will get consistent when you find what you like…and don’t like. But don’t try to force a style right away. These can help you with consistency too)

3. Try out one new thing each {month, week, day…you get to decide the timeline here}

The key to this part of the routine is just to keep things interesting. Be intentional about trying out a new location, lens, different subject, different way to edit…. And ALWAYS keep trying out new things, this will help you grow, keep things exciting and fresh and help you progress in all your goals.

That’s it.

Don’t overthink things when it comes to photography. Have fun with it, practice and be easy on yourself!

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