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What Should My Camera Settings be?

What Should My Camera Setting Be? How to learn what settings you should set your camera on in manual mode.

What should my camera settings be? 

If you have ever asked this question in a photography Facebook group or with a group of local photographers, you are not alone! 

“What should my camera settings be” is one of the most common questions that new photographs ask! 

And it should be! Settings are confusing and overwhelming and it would seem so much easier if someone just told you what numbers to turn all those dials to, right?

The thing is, it’s not that easy.  Every photo and subject will require different settings because there are so many different variables.

You have to think about:

Your light

Time of day (Golden hour is ideal!)



Movement in the photo

The lens and gear you are using (Canon Rebel is a great starter!)

All of these things come into play when choosing your camera settings, so no one is truly going to be able to give you a great answer when you pose that popular question.

What Should My Camera Setting Be?

I know that might not be the answer that you were searching for, but when you truly understand manual mode and practice it will become clearer and clearer and no longer will you have to ask the magic question: What should my settings be?

Just remember this:

NO ONE can tell you the right settings without fully seeing all parts to the photo you plan to take, if they do give you exact settings, it probably isn’t correct.

To understand more about manual mode, this related article is a 4 step guide to help you truly understand manual mode and your camera’s settings and see how you will be able to easily answer that question yourself! 

Cameras and Lenses to Help You Understand Manual Mode

If you are looking for a great camera and lens combo to start seeing sharp crisp photos- try any model from the Canon rebel series and the 50mm 1.8 Both are easier on the wallet that most options out there and will show you incredible results once you start mastering manual mode!

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