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Phoenix Family Photography at Papago Park

Red Rocks and Beautiful Desert Sunsets

Photography at Papago Park {Phoenix}


Mother and two daughters pose in this portrait taken in the desert in Phoenix, AZThe Location: Papago Park

One of the most requested locations for Phoenix family photography sessions is Papago Park.  Just look at the photos and you can clearly see why. Papago Park is a great location for family photography because it gives great variety.  There are the beautiful red rock mountains of the Hole in the Rock, but also cactus and desert landscapes. (Go even further into the park and you’ll find a small lake and palm trees!)  This is a fantastic spot for out of town visitors and local Phoenix families!  You can check out some more of my favorite Phoenix locations for photography here!

Mother and Daughter pose for a portrait together at 6 months old at sunset in Phoenix, AZ

The Family

This gorgeous family of three braved the heat this past July for their Phoenix family photography session.  You would be amazed that even though it can be hot here in Phoenix, the evenings and the sunsets in the summer can be pretty beautiful.  The family was together to document the 6 month milestone of the youngest girl.  6 month outdoor portraits are so much fun!
3 year old girl portrait in the red rocks of Papago park in Phoenix, ArizonaFamily portrait takenin fromt of the Hole in the Rock in Phoenix, AZ near the zoo.


The Style

Take a closer look at the wardrobe selection of this family and you will see a perfectly coordinated trio!  I always advise clients to mix up the colors and patterns and stay away from wearing all solid colors for their family session.  Also, incorporating accessories, like the headbands the girls are wearing here, add fun detail to your portraits.  Make sure to ask me about good color options that will compliment the background location you have chosen for your Phoenix family photography session.  Greens and blues look great against the red rocks at Papago Park.

6 month old portrait of girl taken outdoors with natural light at Papago Park To schedule your next Phoenix family photography session, or the set up a session for your child or high school senior, contact me today.  Together we can choose an awesome Phoenix location for your pictures!  i look forward to hearing from you!



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