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All Things Posing! Tips To Make Your Subject Look Their Best | The Stay Focused Podcast #27

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All Things Posing! Tips To Make Your Subject Look Their Best | The Stay Focused Podcast #27



how to pose your subject in portrait photography



Today’s episode is ALL Things Posing!!

Ok, so I know that posing is kind of a visual thing….but a lot of you have asked for help with posing, so I thought it was a good idea to cover some tips and techniques with posing to give you a great head start! On today’s episode I share with you the most important things to think about and pay attention to before you even start pushing the shutter button. Plus you’ll learn several posing techniques for working with both single subjects and multiple subjects.

Take a listen and learn about all things posing! Hey, and if you are a more visual person, I’ve linked up to a few examples below where you can actually see the poses I talk about!


Links Mentioned in this Episode:

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8 Easy Ways to Pose Children in Photographs

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Listen to last week’s episode here!


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