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Answers to Your Top 3 Photography Questions!

Answers to Your Top 3 Photography Questions!

The Most Popular Photography Questions….and the answers!

One thing I think photographers can agree on is this:

Photography can be overwhelming.

There are so many questions and not enough answers to what we want to know!

I know you probably have like a million questions when it comes to photography, so let me try to help you out with at least three of those

Here are your answers to the top 3 questions I get asked the most:


#1 What camera or lens should I start with?

This one is easy. The Canon Rebel series cameras are always my fave. I started with one and have upgraded within this series over the years. If you are just starting out, I really don’t think you need that latest model either- save a little and grab an older model. I think you’ll be happy with the results.

As for lenses: the nifty 50 is where it’s at. Here’s a couple other ones you might wanna check out.​


#2 What should my camera settings be?

If I had a nickel for every time someone has asked my this…I’d probably have about 50 bucks by now  There really isn’t a good answer to this popular question and I go in depth with the answer I give new photographers about what to put their settings at right here.​


# 3 How long did it take you to get good?

Oh this is a good one…because the answer might not be what you think.

You see, I always thought I was good. (I know looking back now that I really wasn’t.)

I can remember getting this super cute pink tutu for my daughter, Cosette when she was maybe just 4 months old. She was the cutest thing ever.

I took her out in our backyard at noon on a bright sunny day ( yeah…I didn’t pay attention to light back then) and took some pictures of her.

Looking through my mom eyes, the pictures were more than good: they were beautiful! I mean think about it:

my cute newborn + pink tutu= how could I possibly go wrong

Thing was:

  • my lighting was awful
  • my angles were awkward looking
  • she wasn’t in focus in half the shots
  • her eyes lacked any sparkle from catchlights

Looking back from a photography standpoint they were NOT good pictures. (cute…but not good)


my work of Cosette ©2011

It took me continued practice and education year after year to find my style and take shots that were considered good both thorough my mom eyes AND from a photography standpoint too.


​my work of Cosette ©2021

And I wonder if in 10 years from now I will look at the picture above that I took this year and think how much farther I’ve come from there.

What I want YOU to take away from all this is, is this: With each year that goes by, with more education and even more practice your work will continue to grow, evolve and get better.

So if you are wondering how long it will take you to get good the answer is: you already are! And you will keep getting even better with time.



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