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The ONE Thing That You Need to Make Your Photos Look Beautiful

The ONE Thing You Need ToMake Your Photos Look Beautiful

What every photogrpaher eeds to make their photographs beautiful


Do you want to know what the ONE thing is that will make your photos look beautiful every time you snap the shutter? It’s the same thing that is going to make your pictures edited just the way you want. It’s pretty magical. And no, it’s not a better camera or a faster, more expensive lens. It is not the editing program that you decide to buy. And it is not the newestpreset or action set that you can purchase. Nope, none of those things are what will make you pictures look beautiful. Are you ready to learn what that ONE thing is?

It’s YOU! You are the only thing that will make your pictures look awesome. You are the only one to take the vision you have in your mind and translate it to a photograph. All the resources are out there for you to make it happen, but YOU have to be the one to do it.Stop making excuses.

I hear photographers all the time whowant to know which camera to buy to make their pictures look better or what Lightroom preset will make their editing flawless. While these things mighthelp a little, it doesn’t compare to how your pictures could look if YOU decide to learn how to make them look the way youwant!

You can purchase all the newest camera models and lenses you’d like, but your camera isn’t what is going to take a beautiful picture. So don’t make excuses that you NEED the next model on the market. You need to learn how to use that camera. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Canon or a Nikon or even your iPhone. Understand how to use it and then practice with it. And then keep practicing and keep learning! Read the manual,watch a YouTube video on how to use it, take an eCourse,all of those things are out there for you, but YOU have to take the time to learn it. Pace yourself.

Do you want to edit your photos better? Learn how to do it! It doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t stress yourself out trying to learn it all at once. Actions and presets can begreat, but they are someone else’s vision. Understand what the different parts of the action do, and create your own- to make your photo look the wayyou want it to look. Give yourself challenges or deadlines for when and how you are going to learn the techniques you want to master.Want to know the one thing that will make your photos look beautiful? Read how here!

Don’t compare yourself to others. I know you’ve heard that before and it’s easier said than done. But it is so true. Once YOU decide to create the images in your head and learn how, that is when the magic happens. Be inspired by others without questioning your own creativity. Admire their work, but admire yours as well.

That’s it. You are the one thing you need to make your photos beautiful. I’m sorry if you were hoping to hear an easy trick, but there isn’t one. The trick to creating beautiful photos is investing in yourself. Learn, practice, admire and believe in you! I challenge you right now to think of one thing that you are going to do this week to learn how to make your photographslook like that beautiful vision you have in your head. (it is to read about manual focus, learn one new Photoshop technique, open up LR?) Leave me a comment below and let me know what you are going to do. I look forward to seeing your beautiful work!


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Want to know the one thing that will make your photos look beautiful? Read how here!

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    This is fabulous.
    I am really blessed. Great counsel!

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